Overly broad notions of diversity and "people of color" language often obscures Blackness and perpetuates anti-blackness.

Here is how HARRIET SPEAKS℠ partners with organizations to communicate and develop strategies that focus on African-Americans within their overall diversity work. 

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For elementary, high schools, and colleges who need communications support and racial equity training; 

For educators wanting to remain abreast of happenings in education about diversity and race we provide a monthly newsletter. Contact us to subscribe.




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For companies that do not have the resources to hire a diversity staff, but they know the work is important;

For companies with a diversity staff but a different perspective is important to navigate the company culture;

For African-American Affinity and/or Employee Resource Groups seeking tools to increase their effectiveness;



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Community Organizations

For Black organizations needing support to identify and combat systemic inequities;

For multi-racial organizations interest seeking to incorporate Black perspectives on race and equity; 



Keynote Address at Troy Public School Event, April 2017.