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Let's Be Honest...

There have been few other times in recent history when race has been a larger part of our daily conversation and media coverage. While it seems like we are talking about race a lot, most of that talk is filled with anger and misunderstandings fueled by social media exchanges gone wrong. As a result, we stay silent and questions remain unanswered; mistakes and missteps continue to be made.

But unlike at the movies, when it comes to race silence is not golden. Understanding race and all that comes with it is important for relationships, careers, and even interactions with individuals we don't know well. Harriet Speaks can help you get race right.

Simply submit a question and/or situation that you believe is related to race and you will get a candid and fair answer to your question, suggestion for how you might solve a problem, and/or a perspective on what really happened. 

The question/situation and response will be shared in a weekly post on this site. All identifying information will be omitted and confidentiality will be preserved. 

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